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AZ Global Consulting Limited

AZ Global Consulting Limited (previously AZ China Limited) established in 2006. We are a consulting agency that provides a wide range of services with a focus on the global aluminum industry. Our diverse team is comprised of consulting and industry experts with over 40 years of experience. Although we have a strong aluminum background, we also have expertise in a broad range of sectors, with skills ranging from chemical engineering to economics.

We bring in-depth, accurate analysis on the key issues facing the global aluminum and raw materials markets such as Green Aluminum and the supply of anode coke in the world. We also hold several world-class gatherings each year for the leaders of the aluminum industry. Our reports are released monthly and weekly which provide a global perspective and a big insight on China which holds almost 60% of the market share; The entire industry the world over must address CO2 and other emissions as we move to truly green aluminum. Supply of petroleum coke is now becoming a major global concern. Whether we are looking at the metal or the raw materials, it’s important to understand the entire picture, not just one part of it.
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  1. Regular reports include:
    a) Monthly
    Black China Report: This report is mainly about the petroleum coke market, especially in relation to the carbon anode. It is mostly designed for industry participants and raw materials traders offering market intelligence to help them make calculated decisions.
    Monthly Aluminum Report: This report gives a global perspective about the industry.
    Weekly Carbon Report: This report “fills in the period between monthly reports, to keep you right up to date.
    Weekly Aluminium Report:  As for the Weekly Carbon Report.
  2. Consulting Services, on two levels
    a) Due diligence and other types of factory visits inside China. Our team are inside China, and can travel to inspect factories. We have the product knowledge and experience to perform these checks on your behalf. “You can’t travel to China, but we can”.
    b) Deep-dive studies, competitor and market intelligence, strategic relationship development.
  3. Conferences
    Subscribers get extra benefits and discounts to attend all of our conferences.
    a) Our Chinese language conference is held as a physical conference once a year in Shanghai.
    b) Our international conference takes place once a year in a different location. It attracts an array of global industry leaders and have been well renowned as one of the best aluminum conferences worldwide and the best platform connecting the world with China aluminum industry.
  4. White Paper on Green Aluminum.
    This is on ad hoc and comes out separately.
  5. Annual Report
    Every year, AZ Global Consulting prepares a report summarizing the whole year. This report offers you the ability to see the broader trends, and it provides additional information not normally provided in our weekly and monthly reports.
  6. Our Newsletter, the AZAD
    AZAD means AZ Almost Daily; this newsletter gives an insight on the latest news in the global industry.
Green Sponsor

Tokai COBEX – a company of Tokai Carbon Group

For more than a century, we have been a flagship of carbon and synthetic graphite design and manufacture, supplying a variety of high-end products such as cathodes, furnace linings, carbon electrodes and specialty graphite.
Our core competencies include wide-ranging expertise in raw materials, application know-how, and excellent understanding of manufacturing processes in our customers’ industries (including primary aluminium, pig iron, silicon metal, and ferro-alloys).
A highly skilled team with years of experience in product development and application assists our global based customers with their technical knowledge and expertise providing innovative solutions.
Our Research and Development staff work in collaboration with our parent company Tokai Carbon to develop the next generation products and our global network enables us to respond flexibly to both regional and industry-specific requirements and is fit to tackle the challenges of the future.

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Rain Carbon Inc.

Rain Carbon Inc. (RCI) is a global leaders and innovators in the production of raw materials critical to worldwide users of carbon products and advanced materials, including producers of aluminum, steel, titanium dioxide, coatings, plastics, concrete and tires.
We are a resourceful, reliable and responsible partner who transforms the byproducts of other industries into essential ingredients for a wide range of industrial processes and products. With more than 150 years of experience and an eye toward the future, we continually discover ways to bring new value to all the industries we serve.
We build collaborative, long-term relationships and ensure our customers’ market success by delivering consistent high-quality products and customized product solutions. Rain Carbon’s operations have an exceptional track record of reliability and a culture of responsibility to our customers, suppliers, employees and the communities where we operate.

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Alba Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA)

Starting as a 120,000 tonnes per annum smelter in 1971, Alba, today, is one of the world’s largest aluminium smelters with a production of more than 1.561 million metric tonnes per annum (2021). Its diverse product portfolio of Standard and Value-Added Products (VAP)s are exported to more than 240 global customers through its sales offices in Europe (Zurich), Asia (Hong Kong & Singapore) and subsidiary office in the U.S. Alba is dual listed on Bahrain Bourse and London Stock Exchange and its shareholders are Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company B.S.C. © (69.38%), SABIC Industrial Investments Company (SIIC) (20.62%) and General Public (10%).
Over the last five decades, Alba has been a major contributor to the social, industrial, and economic development of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Company is at the heart of a thriving Bahrain’s aluminium sector, which accounts for approximately 12% of the country’s GDP. Renowned for being an employer of choice, Alba is a model in Employee Training and Development and employs over 3,100 people across its operations (2021), of which 84% are Bahraini nationals. It is noteworthy that in 2021, Alba achieved more than 581,000 training- hours despite the challenges of COVID-19.
Alba is recognised as one of the top industrial companies in the world with high standards in Environment practices, Social contribution and Corporate Governance. Over 50 years, the Company has invested into projects that had a positive impact on the society in which it operates. More recently, Alba’s US$37.5 million zero-waste Spent Pot Lining Treatment Plant, the upcoming 5-plus MW Solar Farm Project and strategic role in the future Aluminium Downstream Park are a testimony of Alba’s Sustainability Roadmap that will meet the goals of Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 as well as the Net Zero Carbon targets led by HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Bahrain in COP26 summit. In addition, globally-recognised certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949:2016 and ASI Performance Standard Certification and Ecovadis attest to Alba’s actions to produce aluminium responsibly and sustainably.

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Sohar Aluminium Company LLC.

Founded in 2004 as the Sultanate of Oman’s first Greenfield aluminium smelter, Sohar Aluminium Company LLC is a landmark industrial development project and a key contributor to Oman’s sustainable development ambitions and long-term prosperity. It has an annual capacity of more than 395,000 tonnes of high-quality aluminium, a 1,000 MW Power Plant and Port facilities in Oman.
Jointly owned by OQ SAOC, TAQA and Rio Tinto, Sohar Aluminium has won global acclaim for its superior, environmentally friendly technology.
By implementing decades of industry insight in its design, specification and construction Sohar Aluminium has been created to ensure efficiency, environmental protection, and the utmost safety of its workforce. Sohar Aluminium has a diverse workforce which is 79% Omanised and has its own internationally recognised training centre. 60% of the annual production is committed to its local downstream industries.
Throughout its history, Sohar Aluminium has been recognised by various awards in several fields ranging from product quality to Corporate Social Responsibility to the Nationalisation of its workforce. In 2021, it was bestowed with His Majesty the Sultan’s Award for Industrial Excellence achieving the highest score across all criteria and measures. This is the third time that Sohar Aluminium won this prestigious award.
Sohar Aluminium continues to be the only Greenfield Aluminium smelter in the Sultanate of Oman and intends to become a benchmark smelter while contributing to the sustainable development of Oman.

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Sinoway Carbon Co. Ltd.

Sinoway carbon, a joint venture between Sinoway Investments and Dubal Holding was registered in 2011 in China. Sinoway is mainly engaged in production and sales of calcined petroleum coke (CPC) and steam as a by-product. Sinoway currently owns and operates two plants in China with total capacity 840,000mt per annum.
Sinoway always take customer’s priority, interests, and value added as the major value of Sinoway’s service during the calcined Petcoke supplying, including but not limited on the guaranteed quality, two terminal loading backup, dusts free loading system, flexible laycan arrangements, on time technical discussion and upgrade, payments terms improving, etc.
Sinoway is actively committed to carbon neutralization in the next 5 years. Sinoway Forest Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2021. The company will be committed to achieving Sinoway’s goal of carbon neutralization through the treatment of barren mountains and desertification in Northwest China, and will continue to carry out barren mountains and desert greening projects to make its own efforts for the continuous improvement of the ecological environment.
Sinoway has actively donated to local education. It has successively cooperated with schools and universities in various places to set up “Sinoway Inspirational Scholarship” to reward excellent teachers and students and subsidize poor students in the last three years, over 1million USD was donated.

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Super Delegate


ABB is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries.

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Our purpose is reimagining energy for people and our planet. We want to help the world reach net zero and improve people’s lives.
We will aim to dramatically reduce carbon in our operations and in our production, and grow new low carbon businesses, products and services.
We will advocate for fundamental and rapid progress towards Paris and strive to be a leader in transparency.
We know we don’t have all the answers and will listen and work with others.
We want to be an energy company with purpose; one that is trusted by society, valued by shareholders and motivating for everyone who works at bp.
We believe we have the experience and expertise, the relationships and the reach, the skill and the will, to do this.
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Our aims | Who we are | Home (bp.com)
Our strategy | What we do | Home (bp.com)

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI)

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) is the global body representing the primary aluminium industry. Members of the IAI include bauxite, alumina and aluminium companies in all the major producing regions globally. The Institute also works closely with national and regional aluminium associations with whom it shares many members.
Through the IAI, the aluminium industry aims to promote a wider understanding of its activities and demonstrate its responsibility in producing the metal and the benefits realised through its use in sustainable applications and recycling.
This year – 2022, sees the IAI turn 50 years old! The Institute was established in 1972 to foster industry collaboration with a focus on collecting and publishing statistical data – and this remains one of the IAI’s core priorities today. During the past 50 years, the IAI has been a leading voice for the aluminium industry, providing credible, robust and transparent statistical data and analytical expertise, along with creating a forum for the sector to come together on matters of shared purpose.

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The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global non-profit standard setting and certification organisation. We bring together producers, users and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain with a commitment to maximise the contribution of aluminium to a sustainable society. Working together, we aim to collaboratively foster responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium.
ASI’s objectives are to:

ASI’s Strategic Plan
Each year the ASI Board updates its strategic plan that frames ASI’s activities for under four key goals: effective governance, credible program, growing membership, financial resilience. In addition to listing strategies and objectives for each goal, it identifies several performance indicators in order to gauge implementation progress.

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Gulf Aluminium Council (GAC)

The GAC is a coordinating body that represents, promotes and protects the interests of the aluminium industry within the Gulf. The council’s main objectives are to provide a forum to develop strategies for common issues and concerns facing the aluminium industry in the region, and to share best practices so as to improve the efficiency of the industry.

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Japan Aluminium Association

Japan Aluminium Association (JAA)was founded in 1947. Around 140 aluminium related companies join in JAA.
Their business fields are from aluminium fabrication, aluminium alloy refining and trading etc.
JAA plays very important role for Japanese aluminium industry such as in public relation, environment, safety & health, statistic, research& development and so on.
At present, JAA draws ‘the aluminium technology strategy road map’ and tries to expand aluminium demand in various fields through cooperation with aluminium user companies and academia.

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Russian Aluminium Association

The union of producers, suppliers and consumers of aluminium (Russian Aluminium Association) unite companies that produce aluminium and aluminium-based products. The association’s activities are aimed at creating optimal services to develop the aluminium industry and the aluminium sector.
The Association manages more than thirty large-scale projects, with the aim to expand aluminium consumption in Russia, increase the share of national aluminium production in the domestic market and increase export potential of Russian aluminium companies.
Key areas of focus of the Association
The aluminium industry plays an important role in the economic development of the country, thus the Association’s projects are of national importance. The Russian Aluminium Association’s working programme to increase the demand for aluminium could increase the GDP by more than 1%, create more than 20,000 new jobs, increase tax revenues from the sector two-fold, lower economic dependence on natural resources, increase the country’s potential for innovation and replace the current import of high-tech products with domestic production.

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Media Partner

Aluminium International Today

Aluminium International Today (AIT) is the leading bi-monthly English language journal dedicated to all sectors and regions of the international aluminium manufacturing and processing industry.
With more than 30 years’ experience, AIT is committed to delivering up-to date global news, events, and statistics, as well as more detailed technical articles, company and country profiles, conference reports and regular regional economic briefings.
The journal has changed dramatically since its formation and now publishes news regularly on its website: www.aluminiumtoday.com as well as a free weekly newsletter, which is sent to the inbox of more than 24,000 industry professionals.
In addition, AIT can be found discussing the latest industry news and views on social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn and on the recently launched the Aluminium: ON AIR Podcast, which highlights the challenges faced across the sector and growing green technology trends.

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Media Partner

Aluminium Circle

AlCircle is the top exclusively aluminium-based web portal in the world that calls itself a Virtual Aluminium Ecosystem. It offers a range of information and business-related services along the entire aluminium value chain from bauxite ore to end users & recycling. It intends to provide a one –stop platform for global aluminium players to gain current industry information, take better business decisions, collaborate & conduct business. It also offers an effective on-line communication medium and a platform for promoting web marketing activities for all operators in the aluminium sector.

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ICSOBA is a not-for-profit corporation registered in Canada and managed by a board of directors made up of a few aluminium industry professionals and academics, governed by a set of rules and regulations. ICSOBA was formed in 1963 and has been engaged in the organization of annual conferences with exhibitions. A few hundred delegates attend this event from various parts of the globe. Details of ICSOBA can be found on its website – www.icsoba.org. ICSOBA strives to organize the most attractive annual aluminium conference to position itself as the “Technology Conference of the Aluminium Industry, for the Aluminium Industry”. The conference covers topics such as: bauxite mining, alumina refining and aluminium smelting, as well as the development of various equipment and raw materials associated with the industry. Two key elements of ICSOBA’s DNA are to maintain a well-balanced program between bauxite, alumina and smelting and to hold its conference around the world where the aluminium action is.
Our goal is to ensure global delegate representation to enrich the society and achieve the situation where authors want to showcase their latest innovations at the ICSOBA conference. To better accomplish our mission, we have established a Council of Corporate Members to obtain direct advice on the needs and wishes of the industry as an input to ICSOBA strategy. Most primary aluminium producers and associated equipment and raw material suppliers are corporate members of ICSOBA. To date, over 40 companies have joined as a corporate member, including Alba, Alcoa, CBA, EGA, Hindalco, Hydro, Mytilineos, Nalco, Qatalum, Rio Tinto, Rusal, Sohar, Trimet, Vedanta, Hatch, Metso Outotec, Fives, STAS … etc., and were represented at the Corporate Member Council meeting organized during each ICSOBA conference. Overall, ICSOBA provides one of the best platforms to initiate and grow businesses related to the aluminium industry.