Paul Adkins

Paul Adkins

Managing Director and Founder, AZ Global Consulting

Paul Adkins, Founder and Managing Director of specialist consulting firm AZ Global Consulting Limited (previously AZ China Ltd), has had over 30 years’ experience in the aluminium industry, including 13 years at Alcoa, 4 years at Tomago Aluminium and 3 years at Alcan Australia. Paul did his undergraduate studies at Deakin University in Australia and attained his MBA with Merit from the Newcastle Graduate School of Management in Australia. From 2001, he was Raw Materials Manager at Tomago Aluminium, before being seconded to Alcan early 2005 to set up their Global Sourcing office in Beijing China. Paul was also involved in Alcan’s FECRI project, which was aimed at significantly reducing the cost of building new aluminum smelters. On completion of that assignment, Paul chose to remain in China and to establish his own business. Paul has been Managing Director of AZ China Limited since 2007. AZ China is a specialist consulting company, with focus on the global and Chinese aluminium industry. AZ China publishes multi-client reports on the market trends and outlook, as well as providing consulting services to individual clients. AZ China has been holding conferences since 2008. As the aluminum and raw materials markets have evolved, so has Paul’s company, which in 2022 changed its name to AZ Global Consulting Limited.

Keynote Speaker: Welcome Speech and Opening Statement

Moderator: SESSION: Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC)
Hear from the Source: Discussions of the Industry Leaders about current trends and future prospects.

Moderator: SESSION: Green Coke and Carbon
Do Oil Refineries Care? Green petroleum coke market future scope

Fireside Chat: SESSION: The Bottom of the Pot
The Low Hanging Fruits: How can we reduce the carbon footprint with the current technology?

All Sessions by Paul Adkins

5:20 am - 6:00 am

  • The price of oil has been tracking like a roller coaster this year. What are the long term risks for these price spikes? How is it affecting the world's economy? What is the short term and long term outlook?
  • What are oil refineries’ plans for the future? Will there be a shift? what are the new trends? Are they temporary moves or permanent?
  • What is the amount of crude oil processed and products made worldwide? What will Russia's role be in the market in the future? China? Iran? India?
  • Will supply and demand be balanced? Or will there be a gap in the speed of adoption in the face of technical limitations?
  • What are the new technology developments affecting petcoke? What will happen to the oil refining industry in the face of electric vehicles purchases increase reducing the need for car fuel, and climate change efforts to use alternatives energy sources?
  • As electric and hydrogen powered trucks take over our logistics chains, and demand for diesel slips, how will this affect our industry?
  • What is the role of the independent refineries in China as the largest supplier of anode grade green coke to the world market?
  • Where will the green coke come from?

6:30 am - 7:00 am

The Bottom of the Pot | The Low Hanging Fruits: How can we reduce the carbon footprint with the current technology?

While the world is waiting for the inert anode, we are still relying on carbon cathodes and anodes.

  • Are there any innovations to extend the life of the pot?
  • What are the next developments in Cathode Technology?
  • Would changing the design of the anode affect the lifespan of a cathode?
  • Is the bottom of the pot being relooked at?

11:00 am - 11:40 am

Welcome Speech and Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks by AZ Global Consulting MD

  • Time has come to reset our industry after all the detours, distractions, disruptions, inflations, shortages and imbalances of recent months and years.
  • Our targets and commitments haven't changed, so this conference is to set us back on track to move towards our vision and what we want to achieve.
  • We need to be ahead of the game.
  • We cannot go back to the way things were. We need to be flexible to deal with parameters which are not in our control, and scenarios that once were inconceivable, but are now a reality.
  • Are we ready to deal with the Black Swans? Are we putting the right contingency plans for the long term? Old contingency models are now obsolete.
  • How can we reset and reshape the industry: Re-energise, restart, reinvent and revolutionize for profitability and sustainability and contribute to a better World?
  • We bring you this conference where the industry leaders from around the globe will jointly explore the solutions we can execute together.

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm

Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) | Hear from the Source: Discussions of the CPC Industry Leaders about current trends and future prospectsHear from the Source: Discussions of the CPC Industry Leaders about current trends and future prospects.

The Calcined Coke Forum has been a feature of AZ Conferences since 2008.

  • Where will future supplies of anode-grade petcoke come from?
  • As smelters demand tighter specifications, what is happening with the petcoke quality?
  • Will the inert anode impact the businesses? by when?
  • When prices are at USD1K a ton can we still say that this is a cycled market or are we locked in a new paradigm?