Panthea Geramishoar

Panthéa Geramishoar

Chief Executive Officer, Société des bauxite de Dabola-Tougue, Guinea (SBDT) Guinea, HBR Member of Advisory Council

Panthea Geramishoar is the CEO of SBDT, Societe des bauxite de Dabola-Tougue, Guinea, West Africa. Panthea is a metallurgical engineer while holding a MBA as well as a DBA. She has been involved in analyzing the aluminium market throughout her 19-year working experience and aluminium is the passion of her life. A predominance over the global trajectory of aluminium industry and of its supply chain with a focus on bauxite and alumina, together with her technical know-how of the production processes, have given her the right set of skills for the corporations she has been affiliated with in different positions. Her main role in her previous companies has been to use her technical and market knowledge to find the appropriate investment opportunities for the enterprise, develop and defend the idea in front of the board and guiding the project all through the construction and even operational phases. She has been a key team player in four aluminium green-field smelter projects, one alumina refinery project, one FRP project and supervising an operational alumina refinery. Panthea has been regarded as a thought leader in aluminium industry for the companies she worked with whose opinion is sought-after by the top management for the comprehensive reports and outlooks. She is equipped with project management and feasibility reports preparation skills, is fluent in Persian, English and French, enjoys very much constructive negotiations as well as broadening her professional contacts in order to add to the synergy of the industry. She is also a Wushu coach and a referee.

Panelist: SESSION: Investment
Is it Survival of the Bravest? How can we increase prospects of investments in the world of green and low carbon aluminium?

Panelist: SESSION: Alumina and Bauxite
Green or not Green: How long before the whole world is producing green alumina? What is the supply and demand in the meantime?

All Sessions by Panthéa Geramishoar

8:00 am - 8:40 am

Alumina and Bauxite | Green or not Green: How long before the whole world is producing green alumina? What is the supply and demand in the meantime?

  • The prospects for bauxite in Indonesia and Guinea is becoming more and more complicated. Where is the future of Alumina investments? Chinese companies along with Alcoa, Rio Tinto, EGA, Ma'aden, etc. have bauxite resources in Guinea.
  • Will there be new investments to build refineries in Guinea? How will alumina plants respond to government demands? What changes will happen to the pattern of global bauxite resources in the future?

1:20 pm - 2:00 pm

  • Let's look at the world map - what is the status quo? Where are the big investments in aluminium smelters happening around the world? Are there any new smelters being commissioned?
  • What are Investors' priorities in terms of return of investment? What are the elements that need to be considered for investing in new smelters or pursuing expansions? Is the current risk vs. reward balance against investment?
  • What about inert anode? Hydroelectricity? Green Aluminium? Carbon capture and storage? What are the key prospects to opening new capacity or upgrading existing plants?
  • Are there limitations from governments about energy consumption limits that affect the aluminium business investment decisions?
  • Can existing smelters survive if they do not invest in green aluminium?
  • Do investors see more value in investing in primary smelting? upstream? downstream?
  • How can we better manage investors risks?