Kamal Prakash

Kamal Prakash

Director, Uniseven Engineering & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Kamal Prakash, an avid entrepreneur, and philanthropist, after completing his graduation in Business Management, joined the family business and became a partner at the JS group, a 122 years old multinational group that started out in the space of industrial marketing servicing the metallurgical industries. Kamal has over the years diversified interests and exposure of the group into EPC, manufacturing industries, and digital businesses. With a drive to grow in depth and breadth, Kamal and his team at Uniseven Engineering are servicing the entire aluminium value chain from bauxite to end-user products, and even recycling through their various ventures and international tie-ups. His quest for innovation makes him a critical thinker within the aluminium industry working with global technology players to solve problems, large and small, that our domain is dealing with. Amidst his globe-trotting schedules, Kamal makes sure to find time to build and grow various non-profits that he leads in the spaces of mental health, education, and self-reliance.

Panelist: SESSION: Technology and Application
Vision without Execution is Hallucination: How can we move from targets to execution? From commitment and planning to action and results?

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5:20 am - 6:00 am

  • To deploy new technology we need to mainly consider: Capital, Operating cost, and Operational skills among others. Where do we stand on each? What are the implications in the real world?
  • Will the performance be as good as it is being marketed? What is the transition from invention to commercial use? What are the timelines we are looking for?
  • What do operations people need in order to get the best out of new technology? How to take technology to the next level in terms of efficiency, lean manufacturing, increase productivity and improve performance on initial results? Are processes and protocols in place for the next wave of R&D?
  • How can academia and R&D take us to the next level of performance? What specializations are needed? Is academia in the loop as an active partner? Are they shaping the minds of future generations to lead the operations and address the needs of the industry?
  • How can we deploy Industry 4.0 to help our industry reach our operational goals?
  • The industry relies on Automation to eliminate mundane tasks as well as improve safety where operators are in the line of fire and the need for human intervention. Can we optimize Automation in new technologies?
  • How to ensure that we can streamline supply chain and responsible sourcing? How to balance strategic supply imperatives with cost reduction, just-in-time sourcing and logistics for raw material?
  • What else can procurement people do to maximize profitability? In terms of logistics, transportation, taxes, and supply versus demand?