Rob Hounsome

Rob Hounsome

Managing Director of SLR Consulting's group of companies in Africa

Rob is the Managing Director of the SLR Group of Companies in Africa.  He has 27 years of wide-ranging experience in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advisory and consulting in 41 countries across the globe.  His experience has ranged from supporting National Government and International Agencies with the development and application of customised ESG tools through to completing Environmental & Social Due Diligence and ESIA’s in accordance with requirements of National Governments, Industry Associations, and various funding agencies.  He has advised major International Finance Institutes, Equator Principle Banks, and/or Private Equity and Legal Firms on ESG-related issues.  Rob has a particular passion for the Aluminium Sector and a recognised international specialist in the ESG issues associated with the sector in which he has advised private sector entities, international finance institutions and private equity partners, international agencies and national and local government bodies in Africa, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and North America.  Rob’s work has included advising on particular aspects and impacts associated with emissions, water quality, waste, contaminated land, and has advised on closure requirements.  Rob’s experience includes smelters with technology dating back to the 1950’s through to modern-day smelters.

Moderator: SESSION: Governance and Sustainability
When the Public Demands Answers How is aluminium making the world a better place?

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7:20 am - 8:00 am

  • Our role as responsible corporate citizens: Are we making a difference? What needs to be reformed?
  • Is the industry driving and educating the public about climate change and the need for recycling?
  • Is the average consumer aware of the environmental issues in the aluminium industry? Are they aware of the industry striving to reduce and eliminate its carbon footprint? Or is there a gap between industry and the public perception or public awareness? If yes how can we breach the gap?
  • The role of public communication and the importance to respond to public queries. Who's job is it?
  • What is the role of the Media? How transparent can we be as an industry with the public?
  • Will the average consumer contribute to a better environment by buying aluminium products? What do we need to do to contribute positively to the public?
  • When the public wakes up and demands answers, are we ready and proud to say we have achieved optimum environmental goals in face of what the world expects from us?
  • Are we doing enough in terms of cooperation and working for the common good or are we still working in silos?