Nadine Bloxsome

Nadine Bloxsome

Editor & Content Director, Aluminium International Today and Head of Membership and Sustainability at the Aluminium Federation (ALFED)

Nadine Bloxsome is Head of Membership and Sustainability at the Aluminium Federation (ALFED) in the UK. With a BA Honours Degree in Journalism from the University of the Arts, London, Nadine has more than a decade of aluminium industry knowledge from her role of Editor and Content Director on Aluminium International Today.

Nadine has recently been responsible for developing dedicated platforms for representatives from across the aluminium value chain to meet and discuss implementing sustainable technologies, share case studies and open business opportunities, while working across networks to aid the implementation and promotion of sustainability programmes, guidelines and frameworks for industry specific standards.

Nadine’s primary focus at ALFED is driving more value to partners and members through its sustainability initiatives and adhering to the 2050 Roadmap.

Nadine can still be found editing and contributing to Aluminium International Today magazine and moderating and presenting at industry events.

Panelist: SESSION: Governance and Sustainability
When the Public Demands Answers How is aluminium making the world a better place?

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7:20 am - 8:00 am

  • Our role as responsible corporate citizens: Are we making a difference? What needs to be reformed?
  • Is the industry driving and educating the public about climate change and the need for recycling?
  • Is the average consumer aware of the environmental issues in the aluminium industry? Are they aware of the industry striving to reduce and eliminate its carbon footprint? Or is there a gap between industry and the public perception or public awareness? If yes how can we breach the gap?
  • The role of public communication and the importance to respond to public queries. Who's job is it?
  • What is the role of the Media? How transparent can we be as an industry with the public?
  • Will the average consumer contribute to a better environment by buying aluminium products? What do we need to do to contribute positively to the public?
  • When the public wakes up and demands answers, are we ready and proud to say we have achieved optimum environmental goals in face of what the world expects from us?
  • Are we doing enough in terms of cooperation and working for the common good or are we still working in silos?