Max Wiestner

Max Wiestner

Industry Manager, ABB

Max has been working with ABB since 1979 He has a degree in electro mechanics and project management from state college Switzerland and ABB Fläkt University.

He’s current position is Industry Manager Aluminium. Previous positions included: Global Product Group Manager Aluminium, Industry Manager Primary Aluminium with ABB Switzerland, Manager rectifier plants for the America’s, Sales and product manager rectifier systems for steel plants and sales manager HV substations ABB Zimbabwe.

Panelist: SESSION: Energy
Wealth Flows from Energy and Ideas: The future is green energy. How does the aluminium industry get there?

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8:30 am - 9:15 am

The world needs to act on climate change. The aluminium industry generates around 1.1 billion tons of CO2 emissions per year constituting 1% of the total global caused CO2 emissions. Our industry must do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the world's fight against climate change. We need to reboot commitments and actions to meet the needs of the environment. We especially need to re-evaluate our energy supply.

  • How can we achieve the 80% reduction in emissions that we need?
  • How many shades of green are there in Aluminium?
  • What’s the challenges and opportunities for Hydroelectricity, Wind and Solar energy?
  • What about Nuclear Energy? is it classified as green energy? is it a potential? How is uranium waste safely disposed?
  • What about other inventions and new breakthrough solutions? Like large scale storage batteries farms and facilities?
  • Do governments recognise the value in allocating scarce energy resources to aluminium?
  • Until we reach our utopia of zero environmental impact, what can we do with our current technology?
  • What other new technologies do we need to develop?