June Wang

June Wang

Director and Business Manager Carbon and Raw Material, AZ Global Consulting

June Wang has worked with AZ China since 2013, closely monitoring China’s aluminium and raw materials markets, researching and tracking market data for over seven years. She writes and proposes physical and feasible insight report for customs. Prior to this, June Wang has over three years of experience on coal tar and pitch market research.

Panelist: SESSION: Green Coke and Carbon
Do Oil Refineries Care? Green petroleum coke market future scope

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5:20 am - 6:00 am

  • The price of oil has been tracking like a roller coaster this year. What are the long term risks for these price spikes? How is it affecting the world's economy? What is the short term and long term outlook?
  • What are oil refineries’ plans for the future? Will there be a shift? what are the new trends? Are they temporary moves or permanent?
  • What is the amount of crude oil processed and products made worldwide? What will Russia's role be in the market in the future? China? Iran? India?
  • Will supply and demand be balanced? Or will there be a gap in the speed of adoption in the face of technical limitations?
  • What are the new technology developments affecting petcoke? What will happen to the oil refining industry in the face of electric vehicles purchases increase reducing the need for car fuel, and climate change efforts to use alternatives energy sources?
  • As electric and hydrogen powered trucks take over our logistics chains, and demand for diesel slips, how will this affect our industry?
  • What is the role of the independent refineries in China as the largest supplier of anode grade green coke to the world market?
  • Where will the green coke come from?