Catherine Athènes

Catherine Athènes

Vice President Group Sustainability and Public Affairs Europe, Constellium

Catherine Athènes has nearly 30 years’ international experience in corporate strategy, marketing, sales and sustainability. Having started her career as a strategy consultant, she spent nine years at Pechiney, the major French aluminium and packaging company which was then bought by Alcan. After a period in the medical paper business, she joined Constellium in 2011 as the Marketing Director for its biggest business unit, Packaging & Automotive Rolled Products.

Having led the Group sustainability programe, she is since 2018 Catherine is both in charge of driving the company-wide sustainability strategy in close relationships with business units and plants, and of the Public Affairs European agenda. Catherine chairs the Trade Committee of European Aluminium and is the vice chair of its sustainability committee. Catherine is a graduate of the French business school HEC Paris.

Constellium (NYSE and Euronext: CSTM) is a global sector leader that develops innovative, value-added aluminium products for a broad scope of markets and applications, including aerospace, automotive and packaging. Constellium employs 12000 people in 26 plants around the world and generated €5.2 billion of revenue in 2018.

Keynote Speaker: SESSION: Downstream and End User
Cut to the Chase! Is aluminium the solution that we think it is?

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9:50 am - 10:30 am

  • The world's current production stands at almost 70M Tons of primary aluminium metal. How can we get to 150MT?
  • How can we get there using secondary aluminium metal? We need to drastically increase our recycling volume, but is this achievable in reality?
  • The demand versus supply for green aluminium is imbalanced. Will the world be able to source enough metal at zero or near-zero emissions?
  • What is happening with the semi-finished and the finished products markets? What is happening with extrusion products? Rolling mills? Car manufacturers' scrap recycling systems are thriving in Thailand and in Malaysia - What can South East Asia teach the rest of the world about scrap recycling?
  • What are the plans that can help further improve scrap and recycling in these countries?
  • Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam markets are quickly developing downstream ultra-modern industries. Is China under threat from the growing industries in South East Asia?
  • Can we create the right balance between supply and demand? make it a win-win for everyone?
  • What do consumers need? Is aluminium really the metal of the future? What about other substitutes? Steel, Copper, Plastic, Carbon Fibre? Is aluminium a threat or threatened? Any other industries that can replace aluminium in its pursuit of sustainability? What downstream products are needed? Do we need to relook at the applications? increase the range? replace other metals?