Amit Lahoti

Amit Lahoti

Senior Commercial Director and General Manager, Asia, Ball Beverage Packaging

An accomplished business leader with over two decades experience across general management, finance, commercial and supply chain in the packaging industry.

A considerable part of his career has been with Ball Corporation world's leading suppliers of metal packaging for beverage, personal care and household products. Ball is a Fortune 300 company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Amit is the Senior Commercial Director and General Manager for the Asia Region of beverage packaging business where Ball has its manufacturing facilities in India, Myanmar and Vietnam servicing customers in Asia and Africa.

Previously, Amit was the regional Finance Vice President for the AMEA region based out of Dubai where he helps establish the region and helped Ball grow through organic and inorganic expansion. Amit joined Ball in London and has since then successfully completed 3 different, progressively senior leadership roles in the finance function in different business based out of Europe and Asia. Amit has also worked in accounting and consulting firms in 3 different countries over 10 years prior to joining Ball.

Amit has completed the General Management Programme with the Harvard Business School and is an alumni of Harvard. He also enjoys playing tennis and supports the Manchester United football club.

Panelist: SESSION: Downstream and End User
Cut to the Chase! Is aluminium the solution that we think it is?

All Sessions by Amit Lahoti

9:50 am - 10:30 am

  • The world's current production stands at almost 70M Tons of primary aluminium metal. How can we get to 150MT?
  • How can we get there using secondary aluminium metal? We need to drastically increase our recycling volume, but is this achievable in reality?
  • The demand versus supply for green aluminium is imbalanced. Will the world be able to source enough metal at zero or near-zero emissions?
  • What is happening with the semi-finished and the finished products markets? What is happening with extrusion products? Rolling mills? Car manufacturers' scrap recycling systems are thriving in Thailand and in Malaysia - What can South East Asia teach the rest of the world about scrap recycling?
  • What are the plans that can help further improve scrap and recycling in these countries?
  • Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam markets are quickly developing downstream ultra-modern industries. Is China under threat from the growing industries in South East Asia?
  • Can we create the right balance between supply and demand? make it a win-win for everyone?
  • What do consumers need? Is aluminium really the metal of the future? What about other substitutes? Steel, Copper, Plastic, Carbon Fibre? Is aluminium a threat or threatened? Any other industries that can replace aluminium in its pursuit of sustainability? What downstream products are needed? Do we need to relook at the applications? increase the range? replace other metals?