Mr. Abhimanyu Prakash

Abhimanyu Prakash

Chief Executive Officer, Alcircle.Com

Abhimanyu Prakash, CEO, at AlCircle is a fifth-generation entrepreneur and architect, and an urban designer by education at Columbia University, New York. Inheriting a startup founded within his century-old family business, Abhimanyu heads AlCircle, the world's first virtual ecosystem dedicated to the entire aluminium value chain. Abhimanyu’s passion for sustainability got him hooked on the 100% recyclable Aluminium industry and intrigued by technology AlCircle was a natural fit. With a foundation of up to 10 Mn hits per month on the news platform, readership across 195 countries, and a recently launched online marketplace with over 3000+ products, Abhimanyu is building a team and business to provide the aluminium industry with a one-stop solution for enabling business at the click of their finger.

Panelist: SESSION: Governance and Sustainability
When the Public Demands Answers How is aluminium making the world a better place?

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7:20 am - 8:00 am

  • Our role as responsible corporate citizens: Are we making a difference? What needs to be reformed?
  • Is the industry driving and educating the public about climate change and the need for recycling?
  • Is the average consumer aware of the environmental issues in the aluminium industry? Are they aware of the industry striving to reduce and eliminate its carbon footprint? Or is there a gap between industry and the public perception or public awareness? If yes how can we breach the gap?
  • The role of public communication and the importance to respond to public queries. Who's job is it?
  • What is the role of the Media? How transparent can we be as an industry with the public?
  • Will the average consumer contribute to a better environment by buying aluminium products? What do we need to do to contribute positively to the public?
  • When the public wakes up and demands answers, are we ready and proud to say we have achieved optimum environmental goals in face of what the world expects from us?
  • Are we doing enough in terms of cooperation and working for the common good or are we still working in silos?